Available courses

College English 103 – Composition II is a credit-bearing college-level course taught in conjunction with Finger Lakes Community College’s Gemini Program. This course is a continuation of Composition I (English 101) and focuses on more sophisticated development of rhetoric—persuasion and argument. This will be accomplished through increased emphasis on research, critical analysis, and the genres of writing most useful for college and career success. The class culminates in a final portfolio representing the students’ learning and best writing practices throughout the course. This portfolio is in place of a final exam and constitutes 20% of the course grade.

Writing AIS is a course designed to develop students' writing skills.

Use the class to upload a draft of your application essay if you would like me to look it over.

Please specify what the writing prompt is and when you need to have it returned. If you submit at the beginning of the week, it may take me a couple of days.